Celebrating 50 Years of Service

KEMRON is dedicated to the provision of sound engineering and science to complex environmental situations with a focus on quality and safety. Our goal is to provide the most efficient remedy at a reasonable price and within a time-frame that meets our client’s objectives.

Celebrating 50 Years of Service

KEMRON is classified a small business under NAICS code 562910. In June 2017, KEMRON became a 100% employee owned company. This is the culmination of hard work of our employees, innovation in our approaches,
company growth and profitability.

Celebrating 50 Years of Service

KEMRON’s multidisciplinary approach to project management is focused on bottom line results and knowledge transfer to keep all stakeholders apprised of project milestones and progress. From investigation and consulting, to testing and engineering, to site cleanup and closure, KEMRON offers faster, smarter and more cost-effective solutions, applying innovation at every turn.

who we are

Celebrating the start of our 50th year of excellence, KEMRON Environmental Services, Inc. is a 100% employee-owned small business dedicated to advancing our employees while providing top-tier environmental solutions. We serve federal, state, and local governments, as well as private industries like manufacturing, utilities, and transportation. Our services include environmental assessment, investigation and engineering, site remediation, professional consulting, munitions response, and emergency response, ensuring comprehensive environmental management. Read more…






Safety & Quality

At KEMRON, we prioritize safety and quality on all activities. Our goal is zero accidents, achieved through continuous training, OSHA courses, and rigorous job-specific training. Employees are empowered to halt operations if unsafe conditions arise, ensuring immediate hazard mitigation. Regular audits and proactive incident prevention reinforce a safe work environment. Concurrently, our dedication to quality, guided by our Quality Management Plan, ensures services consistently exceed expectations. Our Quality Assurance Manager oversees quality through audits and reviews, ensuring compliance with stringent standards. By prioritizing safety and quality, KEMRON guarantees superior service and a secure workplace.

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what we do

Environmental Assessment, Investigation and Engineering

Environmental assessment, investigation, and engineering are foundational to guiding all subsequent decisions in our projects at KEMRON. Our detailed investigations are critical for accurately defining environmental liabilities and understanding potential risks. Read More…

Site Remediation

KEMRON excels in providing comprehensive site remediation services, focusing primarily on addressing contamination through a range of specialized removal and remedial actions. We offer a self-perform model for remediation projects, including system excavation, capping, in-situ and ex-situ remediation, decontamination, demolition, groundwater treatment, construction, and long-term operations and maintenance. Read More…

Environmental Consulting

At KEMRON, we deliver comprehensive solutions to environmental challenges, leveraging a broad portfolio of services backed by decades of expertise. Our seasoned team—including scientists, engineers, and project managers—is proficient in an extensive array of regulatory frameworks. Read More…

Munitions Response

At KEMRON, we are committed to delivering comprehensive munitions response services, addressing the safety and environmental challenges of handling ordnance and related materials across a variety of active and former military sites as well as private sector sites. Read More…

Treatability Studies

KEMRON’s Treatability Laboratory, known as the Applied Technologies Group (ATG), has more 40 years of experience in guiding our clients through the complexities of environmental treatment strategies utilizing a tiered approach to treatability studies that include laboratory screening, bench-scale testing, and pilot-scale testing. Read More…

who we support

Federal Solutions

At KEMRON, we’ve been providing innovative environmental solutions to our federal clients for the past 50 years. Our focus on the environmental sector dates back to the inception of this market. Read More…

State and Local Government Solutions

KEMRON provides comprehensive environmental support services at the state, county, and city levels across the country. With 50 years of experience, we deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions to address environmental challenges and ensure regulatory compliance. Read More…

Private Sector Solutions

At KEMRON, we provide comprehensive environmental consulting, investigation, engineering, and remediation services tailored to the needs of private industry clients. With nearly 50 years of experience in this sector, we offer innovative and cost-effective solutions to address environmental challenges and reduce regulatory exposure. Read More…

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Regional Office Locations

KEMRON operates nationwide, with central regional offices and multiple project and support offices strategically located across the country.

Atlanta, GA

1359-A Ellsworth Industrial Boulevard
Atlanta, GA 30318

Voice 404.636.0928
Fax 404.636.7162
Dan Childress: dan.childress@kemron.com

Charleston, WV

108 Craddock Way, Suite 5
Poca, WV 25159-7606

Voice 304.755.0999
Fax 304.755.0990
Terry L Wilfong: tlwilfong@kemron.com

Chicago, IL

3155 Blackhawk Dr, Building 599
Fort Sheridan, IL 60037-1289

Voice 847.266.1350
Fax 847.266.3584
Lou Ehrhard: lehrhard@kemron.com

Marietta, OH

2343-A State Route 821
Marietta, Ohio 45750

Voice 740.373.4308
Fax 740.376.2536
Dave Pitzer: dpitzer@kemron.com

Vienna, VA

8521 Leesburg Pike, Suite 175
Vienna, VA 22182

Voice 703.893.4106
Fax 703.893.1741
Danie Penenburgh: dpenenburgh@kemron.com

Denver, CO

3123 East Hinsdale Place
Centennial CO, 80122

Voice 303.517.2095
John England: jengland@kemron.com