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BOS Injection Capability and Program

KEMRON offers a highly effective remedial approach for petroleum-contaminated soil and groundwater using the BOS 200® Trap and Treat® technology. This innovative method involves injecting activated carbon along with biological amendments and nutrients to remediate petroleum contaminant plumes. The BOS 200® technology works by trapping petroleum contaminants on the activated carbon and treating them through various degradation mechanisms, including bioremediation and chemical reduction.

KEMRON’s BOS 200® Trap and Treat® approach has a proven track record of achieving regulatory closure for both new and historically difficult petroleum-contaminated sites. With just a single BOS 200® injection, many sites have successfully reached No Further Action (NFA) status.

One notable project was the large-scale BOS carbon substrate injection at an active retail petroleum facility in Kentucky. The injection process was conducted in phases across four separate treatment areas designated as Treatment Areas A through D.

Treatment Area A: Located towards the southern portion of the UST basin, this area covered approximately 1,000 square feet and included 40 injection points.

Treatment Area B: Situated east of the dispenser islands near monitoring wells MW-5 and MW-6, this area encompassed about 2,560 square feet with 100 injection points.

Treatment Area C: Found east of the dispensers near monitoring well MW-10, this area covers around 845 square feet with 34 injection points.

Treatment Area D: Located northeast of the dispensers near monitoring well MW-9, this area covered approximately 980 square feet with 39 injection points.

In total, the project involved the injection of 18,805 pounds of BOS and 14,150 pounds of gypsum into 213 injection points, covering a total of 5,385 square feet.

Success in Innovation by the Numbers

Over the past nine years, KEMRON’s Charleston office has performed numerous in-situ remediation projects using the BOS 200® Trap and Treat® technology: 

•             19 Injection Projects

•             5,211 Injection Shots in 941 Injection Borings

•             15 Sites Achieved No Further Action Status

•             71,695 Pounds of BOS 200® Injected

These projects were executed using KEMRON’s own injection trailers and direct push rigs, highlighting the company’s capability and expertise in delivering effective remediation solutions.

KEMRON’s BOS 200® Trap and Treat® program demonstrates its commitment to innovative and effective environmental remediation, providing clients with reliable solutions to achieve regulatory compliance and environmental restoration.  In addition to the use BOS 200® Trap and Treat®, KEMRON utilizes numerous other in-situ injection products and injection techniques to remediate various contaminates from petroleum impact, chlorinated solvents, and even hexavalent chromium.


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