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Eller Whitlock Landfill Closure

KEMRON Environmental Services provided turnkey design and construction services to close the abandoned Eller-Whitlock municipal solid waste landfill in Brunswick, Georgia, under a contract with the Georgia Environmental Protection Division. The project began with a comprehensive visual inspection of the landfill surface, side slopes, and adjacent areas. This inspection focused on identifying waste, assessing the condition and type of any cap material, detecting seeps or leachate outbreaks, evaluating erosion and drainage pathways, and examining landfill control features, including the methane monitoring system, vents, and groundwater monitoring wells. Additionally, KEMRON identified environmentally sensitive natural resources in the area.

To delineate the limits of the waste and assess the thickness of the in-place cover soils, KEMRON conducted test pits and borings. This evaluation resulted in a detailed limit-of-waste survey, producing accurate legal descriptions of both the waste footprint and property boundary. Utilizing the survey results, KEMRON prepared a Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) Plan, Construction Specifications, and Closure and Post-Closure Care Plan Drawings. These documents outlined the construction of a 24-inch thick final cover system, consisting of a 12-inch soil infiltration layer and a 12-inch final soil cover, along with detailed closure and post-closure care construction drawings.

The groundwater and methane monitoring network was inspected according to the Water Well Standards Act, including an analysis of the location and construction information for all onsite groundwater receptors and delineation of groundwater receptors within half a mile of the landfill property boundary.

KEMRON completed the construction of the 24-inch thick final cover system and prepared an Erosion, Sedimentation, and Pollution Control Plan. Best Management Practices (BMPs), including 4,000 linear feet of double row silt fencing and a sedimentation basin, were installed to control erosion. The project involved regrading 16,000 cubic yards of the 10-acre landfill to promote positive drainage and prepare it for the cover system. Additionally, 42,000 cubic yards of clean backfill material was imported, placed, and compacted over the waste mass. To finalize the project, erosion control matting and vegetative cover were installed, resulting in a notice of completion.

KEMRON’s comprehensive approach ensured that the Eller-Whitlock landfill closure met all regulatory requirements, protected the environment, and provided long-term care and monitoring solutions.


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